Latest Bodysuit Fashion Trends
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Keep up with the Latest Bodysuit Fashion Trends

A shapewear bodysuit can give you the shape you wanted for your body. They are versatile pieces that can help you create different looks. From elegant to casual. From work to party. The possibilities are endless and they all make you a more positive and happy woman with the appearance you give to the world.

The modernity of the pieces helps you feel more comfortable, beautiful and still keep up with the main fashion trends, respecting your taste to create a unique style.

Leather bodysuit

The leather is a hot trend that will undoubtedly occupy the podium for a long time. You can wear a long-sleeved bodysuit made from stretchy and comfortable faux leather fabric and pair it with well-structured butter leather pants to create a powerful look. If you want to brighten up your look, invest in red leather for the lower part. The double layer does not show through, structures the waist and supports the breasts.


Lace bodysuit

For a sexy and feminine look you can invest in a deep v lace bodysuit with delicate lace details. The compressed lining that firms the waist and aligns the spine. You can also choose the body version with shorts to slim the leg area. Or perhaps the version with a smoothed, seamless lining might be your favorite if you want to look cute.

Metallic Bodysuit

The metallic continues to advance regardless of season. You can use this trend in both accessories and clothing. A bodysuit with a metallic shine is perfect for parties and special celebrations. Firms the belly, hips and breasts. It is possible to adjust the crotch with buttons to make it easier to use the bathroom.

Bodysuit with transparency


A bodysuit with transparent mesh fabric is sexy and in keeping with modern fashion. Furthermore, it is soft, breathable and made with 360-degree elastic. The modeling of the belly area is done through the double layer with external and internal flexibility. The T-shaped buttocks soften your look, while the rounded heart-shaped neckline makes you more feminine. Wear with a satin sleep skirt for an elegant look.

Invisible Bodysuit

A backless bra bodysuit is a classic that cannot be missing from your closet, as it provides invisible modeling that structures your body underneath any type of clothing. You look beautiful, independent and powerful whether you wear a simple work uniform or a stunning wedding dress.

Flexibility is delivered through the transparent adhesive wings that adapt to many body shapes, delivering democracy among women, as it can be used by everyone. The thong thong shape is sexy and light. Additionally, it offers support through deep-diving bulges.

Jeans Bodysuit


The jeans never go out of style. A bodysuit with stretchy, comfortable fabric that imitates denim is assertive. You can create a total denim look, combining with mom pants or shorts for warmer days. Adjusts the belly through the mesh lining which, together with the SBS bronze zipper, is capable of creating the perfect structure.

So you can move as you like without worrying about your shapewear rolling around. Going to the bathroom is made easier by the brackets located in the area close to the groin. It’s an excellent option to give as a gift to a dear woman in your life.

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